Guidance development of young players and counseling

Joueur de basketball dans les airs


Improve technical skills, athletic qualities, mental aspects and knowledge of the game.


Backed by a large network of coaches in high-level young sectors, professional club training centers, hope centers and managers of recruitment structures for the USA (high schools and universities), we advise players and their families. Our services provide contact and follow-up. We advise on the choice of clubs.


Connect with training structures, recommendations to coaches of elite championship teams, American courses (NCAA universities, high schools)

We create opportunities

Videos of our training sessions

Connection with training centers

Meeting with coaches during the camps

Training camps in France and abroad

Individual or small group training

We offer sessions to increase the technical skills of players. These sessions are organized during the season in addition to team training, during recovery after injury, following a period without a club…

An innovative training concept!

Even if each player is part of a collective logic, we emphasize the individualization of training and the development of players.
We develop the ability of players to evolve out of their comfort zone to reach the next level.
As well as the ability to accept strong opposition, difficulty in linking actions, to support intensive physical preparation work in order to improve speed, strength, power, relaxation, velocity. In summary, everything that constitutes a preparation for the demands of high competition.

The program developed by our coaches is aimed at players who want to optimize their training and acquire all the skills to reach the best possible level. The program uses an innovative concept where all the exercises are carried out with precision and intensity and where the use of educational and technological tools is omnipresent.

The attention to detail and knowledge of the game of our coaches leads each player to excellence. They communicate their enthusiasm by actively participating in training (the coach trains with the player) in this way the transfer of skills is optimized. They push players out of their comfort zone to acquire new skills and insist on repetition to reinforce those already acquired.

The program is designed to develop players’ skills in technical, technical-tactical areas, skill, understanding of the game as well as confidence and motivation.

They participated in our training